How to mount an anchor bracket on the bow of your boat with no under bow access

14 March, 2016 1 comment Leave a comment

If you want to mount an anchor bracket on the bow of your boat, but you cannot access the underside of your bow to use nuts and bolts, you have a couple of options.

The first option would be to weld the anchor bracket on the bow, but this will only work if the anchor bracket and the bow of your boat are the same material. For example, you can weld an aluminum anchor bracket if the bow of your boat is aluminum, otherwise you will have to go a different route.

If you have an aluminum boat and can’t get under your bow and don’t want to commit to welding an aluminum anchor bracket on your boat, then you still have a couple of options.

You can weld on an aluminum plate that has threads or an aluminum plate that you can drill and tap to create your own threads.

Threaded plate for Anchor Bracket

You can also mount your anchor bracket onto another plate of some kind that you can mount on your bow after the fact. How creative you want to get is up to you, but if there is a will, there is a way.

Another option to mount an anchor bracket on the bow of your boat with no under how access would to drill holes in your boat and use a type of rivet. The most common type for this kind of installation is called a Rivnut.

Rivnut to mount an Anchor Bracket

A rivnut is a type of anchor, not unlike a drywall anchor you find around the house. It basically works by inserting it into the material, then you mushroom out the bottom of the rivnut, holding into the material. In this case, it’s the bow of your boat. You now have threaded holes to mount your anchor bracket to the bow of your boat that you didn’t have access to.

 Installing a rivnut for an Anchor Bracket

If you are going to go the rivnut route, you will need a special tool to install it, or come up with your own DIY method, so it is recommended that you take it to someone who can professionally install the rivnuts for you.

So, as you can see, you can mount an anchor bracket on the bow of your boat with no under bow access.

If you can go the route of welding on a threaded plate, you can click on the picture below for your options.

Threaded plate for Anchor Bracket Installation

Hope this helped!

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  1. Mike Schmidt June 04, 2016

    Was I supposed to get installation instructions in the package with my Anchor Caddie Pro? I might have tossed them with all the bubble wrap. I don’t know how far forward to mount the anchor Caddie so the anchor prongs aren’t gauging the bow of my boat. BTW, Kelly Reichner the buyer for Fishermans Marine was the one who recommended your product.

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