Beach Spike Anchor (NEW RELEASE)!


Beach Spike Anchor (NEW RELEASE)! Beach Spike Anchor (NEW RELEASE)! Beach Spike Anchor (NEW RELEASE)!

Beach Spike Anchor (NEW RELEASE)!



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After being asked several times over the last year or so from customers, dealers and distributors, "If you are in the anchoring business, why don't you have a Beach Spike Anchor?" OK, now we do!

Before you continue reading, if you don't know what a Beach Spike Anchor is, it is designed for those times that you want to beach your boat or other personal watercraft without the worry of your watercraft drifting off. You dig the beach spike anchor into the sand and secure one end of your rope to your watercraft and the other end to the beach anchor so it stays put.

Before we released our own, we had to make sure that it was worthy of the Anchor Caddie name, so we hit the drawing board with our hit list.


Must be easier to insert into the sand and hold better than the competition
  • With the easy entry serrations it goes in easy and the flat back makes it stay in!
Must withstand the elements better than the competition
  • Made of anodized marine grade aluminum, it will outlast any painted or galvanized steel product!

Must look cool

  • Ok, this is subjective, but we feel it looks cool, especially with the serrations!

Must be cost competitive

  • The nearest competitor is about 20% above our price

Must be built tough enough to offer our Lifetime Guarantee

  • Done, guaranteed for life!


This Beach Spike Anchor comes in at about 15" long and can hold watercraft up to about 21', but could hold bigger watercraft depending on loaded boat weight, water and wind conditions.


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