Buoy Ball with Anchor Puller from Anchor Caddie


Buoy Ball with Anchor Puller from Anchor Caddie Anchor Puller attached to Polyform Buoy Ball

Anchor Puller/Buoy Ball Combo

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The most common and complete puller system. The Anchor-Caddie Stainless Steel Anchor Puller and the Polyform A-2 Buoy Ball, the standard for pulling your anchor and has a buoyancy rating of 68lbs.

This system has all stainless steel hardware that you are accustomed to with the Anchor-Caddie product line.

The puller handles up to 1/2" rope and the ball will handle up to a 65lb anchor set up, including chain.

The buoy ball comes deflated for ease of shipping. you can get information on inflating and care at the Polyform website.

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  • Hi, I’m going to order one of your bags. I’d like to get the anchor puller. I have 5/8” rode. I was wondering if you have one that would accommodate that size. If not I’m sure the buoy could be used without your attachment. Thanks

    Hi Hunter,

    The puller will accommodate 5/8" rope, but it is maxing it out and if your rope is too stiff and has kinks in it, you may have a difficult time.

    As far as using the buoy without a puller, unless I am not understanding what you are intending, I don't see what would keep the buoy in a static position like the puller is designed to do.

    If you don't want to use the puller, you could go with the ring puller options that some other companies offer.

    Thanks for the question!

    Paul Anderson

  • What circumferences do these come in?

    Hi Mary,

    The buoy ball that comes with it, is an A-2 Polyform and is approximately 15-1/2" in diameter and is the only size we carry. It has a buoyancy rating of about 68lbs and Polyform recommends that you only use about 25% of that rating, 51lbs.

    Let me know if you have any more questions.

    Paul Anderson

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