Anchor Caddie Cadet MAX Anchoring Package (BAP-MAX)


Anchor Caddie Cadet MAX Anchoring Package (BAP-MAX)

Anchor Caddie Cadet MAX Anchoring Package (BAP-MAX)



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The package includes everything you see in the picture:

  • Anchor Caddie, Cadet MAX
  • Galvanized 15lb River Rocker Break Away Anchor
  • Anchor Puller/Buoy Ball Combo
  • 3/8" Solid Braid Nylon Rope, 300' Spool
  • 6' of 5/16" Galvanized Chain with Quick Link

The only thing you will need is the hardware to install your Anchor Caddie to your bow. Due to the many  different types of boats and bow decks, it would be impossible to guess what hardware you will need to install your Anchor Caddie. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.

It is highly recommended to use an anti-seize compound on all stainless steel hardware installations.

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  • I have a 20 foot aluminum welded walkthrough windshield fishing boat. What weight anchor do I need for the Columbia River?

    Hi Don,

    First off, the Columbia is a big river and has different conditions in different parts of it. I can tell you what I have and what I use. I have a 19' + 2' of offshore bracket/swim deck, aluminum walk through as well, a Raider Mariner 188, and I use a 25lb anchor with 6' of 5/16" chain added to that, which brings it to a little over 32lbs or so and I stick good in most places.

    If I am in a place where I would start slipping with that setup, I add an additional 10' of chain. This keeps me from having to carry a different size anchor if I know I'm going to be in faster water. If you plan on anchoring up by the Cascade Locks in the river choke point, the current is ripping and even adding the extra chain may not hold you, but for the most part, the setup I mentioned will do the trick.

    Hope this helps.

    Paul Anderson

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