Anchor Caddie PRO Anchoring Package (BAP-PRO)


Anchor Caddie PRO Anchoring Package (BAP-PRO)

Anchor Caddie PRO Anchoring Package (BAP-PRO)



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Due to a rope shortage, we have limited stock of this anchoring package and the rope will temporarily come bulk in a box, not on a spool, but it is new and the same, plus you will get a little more than 300' at this time.

The package includes everything you see in the picture:

  • Anchor Caddie, PRO
  • Galvanized 25lb River Rocker Break Away Anchor
  • Anchor Puller/Buoy Ball Combo
  • 3/8" Solid Braid Nylon Rope, 300' Spool
  • 6' of 5/16" Galvanized Chain with Quick Link

The only thing you will need is the hardware to install your Anchor Caddie to your bow. Due to the many  different types of boats and bow decks, it would be impossible to guess what hardware you will need to install your Anchor Caddie. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.

It is highly recommended to use an anti-seize compound on all stainless steel hardware installations.

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  • I just purchased a 2109 Alumaweld Stryker and would like to know the mounting hardware package part number as well as the cost please. I am a vet and wondering if there is a discounts for vets. Thanks I’m getting the anchor caddie pro

    Hi Jim,

    We do not have a hardware package. There are too many different bow configurations and we would have to have to carry too much hardware to get it right. You can watch our installation video to get a better understanding on how to select hardware. Installation Video 

    As far as veteran's discount, use ****** as your discount code to get 15% off. BTW, Thank you for your service!


  • I have a tracker 175 combop boat and looking to get the right set up for the Columbia river. can you guys help me out? also do you guys offer any military discount?

    Hi Fernando, Yes to both!

    For the Columbia River and similar river situations, you are looking at the right product, the Anchor Caddie PRO Anchoring Package (BAP-PRO). You could also go with our other base anchoring package, the Original, which can be found here. These packages will get you anchored today.

    You may also consider an anchor rope bag and a small buoy to float the bag in the event you need to get off anchor quickly and throw your bag over to chase the fish or get out of harm’s way. Rope bags can be seen here and the small buoy for the bag can be seen here.

    As far as the military discount, we offer 15% off anything in the store in appreciation for your service. We wish we could give more, but we do need to make a buck to keep going :)

    Anyway, give us a call and we will either give you the discount code or take the order over the phone and apply the discount. We don’t verify service status, so we don’t like to publish the discount code online, since we operate on the honor system. Let me know if you have any more questions! Regards, Paul Anderson Direct: 503-784-3751

  • How come the load spreader plate and rubber insulator plate is not included in your packages?

    Hi Jeremy,
    They are not included because they are not required for installation, but some folks do like to have them.

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