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Anchor Caddie T-Shirt Anchor Caddie T-Shirt

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Anchor Caddie Hanes Beefy T-Shirt

If you like your Anchor Caddie products and want to go the extra step and show it, or just need a new t-shirt, these shirts are only $12.95 each!

We don't make a living off of selling t-shirts and just want to make sure that folks who want one, don't have to pay $20-$30 just for a dang t-shirt like others are doing. We are only charging the cost to get them made, shipped to us, store and package them.

You are not paying for fancy models, just me in the shirt, sorry ;) and my wife taking the picture! If you are ok with that, order yours today!

Ok, I know that by you wearing them you are advertising for us, but that's just what business do, i.e., Nike, Columbia, etc., but you are not paying the Nike price! If you are ok with that, we appreciate the support, so order yours today if you are up to it!





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