DIY Anchor Bracket

If you need an anchor bracket on the bow of your boat and you don’t want to go with the store bought custom options, you can always give it a go to make your own.

Custom Anchor Nest Vs. DIY Anchor Bracket

Anchor Bracket is just one name that is used for something that holds your anchor. Other names are anchor nest, bow roller, anchor locker and the list goes on.

If you want to make your own anchor bracket to hold your anchor on the bow of you boat, here are some tips and guidelines you will want to follow for a DIY Anchor Bracket.

You can start with a metal channel that is 2, 3 or 4 inches wide and 12 – 18” long. I would recommend using aluminum, since it is easier to drill holes through than stainless steel or other metals.

DIY Anchor Bracket Channel

You will also need to mount a roller on the front end of the channel, so you want to make sure you take that into consideration when choosing the channel width.

The roller will help you get your anchor over and into the anchor bracket easier.

You can get an off the shelf roller that is made for boat trailers. They are pretty cheap and can be had for ten bucks or less and is something you will want to include in your DIY Anchor Bracket.

Anchor Bracket Rollers

The rollers come with holes in the center and typically will accommodate a half inch bolt, so put that on your list of things you will need.

Next, you will want some way of keeping your anchor in your anchor bracket. You don’t want it flying out while cruising your favorite waterway or trailering down the highway.

On the front of your anchor bracket, you may want to cut out some of the channel to have your anchor nest is there to keep if from popping up. On the rear end of the channel, you may want to drill a hole though both sides of the channel so you can insert a bolt through that secures the back end of your anchor.

Now just drill some holes in the bottom of the channel to mount it to the bow of your boat and your DIY Anchor Bracket is done.

If after reading through this and you find that you just don’t want to, or aren’t really interested after all to make your own DIY Anchor Bracket, you can always click on the picture below to see what custom, ready-made options you have.

DIY Anchor Bracket

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