We love your bags. We have three of them on board each contain 300ft of stern line and chain. We anchor every chance we get and these bags keep everything tidy and ready to deploy. 

Troy Stone, Santa Catalina Island

We love our Anchor Caddie because it makes our life so easy! This is our first boat, which means our first anchor too. The whole set up makes us much more confident in using the anchor from beginning to end, so thank you for taking some first-timer stress off our hands!

Chelsea & Jacob, Shelton, WA

I love my anchor caddie, quick release for changing from anchor caddie to trolling motor, the anchor and the bag. Makes everything easier when sturgeon fishing! Thanks for a great American made product!

Steve H., Colville, WA

I've really have been liking the tote bag!

Mark L., Charlotte, NC

Love my anchor caddie and riser, works perfect and was easy to install. Thank you for making a quality product.

Josh G., Hillsboro, OR

My anchor is firmly locked down when I am on the road or boating through rough water but is ready to be quickly deployed when needed.

Rick Booth, West Linn, OR

This system works great. Easy to install. Love it.

Charlie McAlister, Gresham, OR

I have enjoyed my Anchor Caddie.  It looks good on my home built classic boat and works really well for me.

Joe Thurber, Swansboro, NC

Anchor Rode Bag

My fishing partner and I had been struggling for a way to manage the 100 foot rope on our anchor, while fishing on the Connecticut River in Vermont.

We had tried several different electrical extension cord systems, but none worked. I saw an ad for the Anchor Caddie and ordered an original size in Hi Viz Orange.

The Anchor bag was the answer to our problems. No more rope on the floor of the boat. We simply feed it in and out of the bag as we let the anchor out or pull it in. 

David Dutcher, Bennington, VT

Anchor Rope Bag for Canoe

"Every detail maters when you’re fishing from a canoe.  Safety and weight must surely be at the top of the list. 

The anchor bag lets us manage 100’ of 3/8” rope plus a 5lb anchor very nicely.  The ringlets at the top and bottom are essential details.

The build quality of the bag is fabulous.  Yellow is a great color too.  Water drains quickly just like it should (one less Co. B. problem to worry about).  It doesn’t require anything more than a garden hose for cleaning.

My only regret is not ordering the buoy with the bag.  We found ourselves in a situation where we came one arms length of rope from disaster.  We almost lost a lovely vintage anchor, our rope, bag, and could have wrecked a 1923 canoe on the Eleven Point River.      

I’d have made a much faster and safer decision if I’d had their buoy on our line."

Patrick Nugent, Saint Louis, MO

Anchor nest over Boat navigation lights

I love the sturdiness of the anchor caddie as well as the fact that I could leave my navigation lights in place.

Jessie Richardson, Portland, OR



Trolling Motor Bracket

Easy to install and to use. I should have bought this years ago!!

Mike Turner, Kennewick, WA



Anchor Caddie Pictures on a Boat

The Great product, works well fishing for Salmon on the Sacramento River, I would highly recommend to anyone!

Steve Walker, Grass Valley, CA



Anchor Caddie PRO Anchor Nest

The Anchor Caddie is awesome, thanks for all you've done!

Mike Sanders, Prineville, Oregon



Anchor Locker for Lakes

Anchor Caddie is high quality products indeed! Hands down the best customer service I've ever dealt with and the shipping was crazy fast. Paul answered all my questions and made sure to only sell me what I needed for MY boat. I recommend Anchor Caddie to anyone looking for topnotch anchoring systems at a good price!

Randy Ayres, Lacey, Washington



Anchor Nest on Aluminum Boat

Thanks again, for the pleasure of dealing with you. Will recommend you to anyone who asks me.

Shane Lesetmoe, Oak Harbor, Washington




Pulling Anchors in an Anchor Roller 
...Best Christmas present ever :)
-Greg Darling, Vancouver, WA


How to mount your anchor nest over your light

...our Anchor Caddie on our boat works great, thanks!

-Ben Zink, Chehalis, WA 



Anchor Caddie Cadet on the River 

I Just installed my anchor caddie last week and it works great!

-Boris Decman, BC, Canada 



Anchor Nest Picture on a Boat

I love it! ...Thanks to Paul, Tom and all the staff at Anderson & Anderson Engineering for making such a great product.

-Ron Hopp, Oregon City, OR



Anchor Nest Cadet with buoy ball

I had looked for some time for an anchor nest… and it fit the bill perfectly.

I have used it many times now and I am really impressed with the setup.

Just as impressive was the customer service I received from you on the order…

- Rod Ingram, Cornelius, OR



Anchor Locker, Anchor Caddie

Your anchor system is great! Finally took a picture for you.

-Bill Walker, Vancouver, WA

Tide Water River Anchor Holder 

Using my new Anchor Caddie, I was able to move into a perfect spot and lower the 25lb anchor while sitting in the drivers seat of my Hewes Craft Sea Runner. When I had to move, it was easy to start the engine, loosen the rope to the anchor and sit  back in the drivers seat. I then just pulled the anchor up and moved to a new spot. The Anchor Caddie worked perfectly.

- Richard Dickinson, Spokane, WA



Best River Anchor System, Anchor Caddie

Fits my new 2014 Thunderjet 20' like a glove, best anchor system I've ever owned....Thanks for the great product built in America!!

Ryan Peterson, Rigby, ID



Pulling your anchor over the Anchor Caddie

The anchor caddie is an awesome addition for our boat.  It makes anchoring a breeze.  Love the way it locks in place and allows us to travel rough water without the concern of the anchor banging around in the boat.
-D.M., Roseburg, Oregon

Anchor Fishing with Anchor Caddie 

Easy to mount. Had a question about the product, sent an email and received a phone call within 15 minutes of sending it off and they discussed and answered all my questions. Great product. Would recommend to anyone..
-Larry Saari, Washougal, Washington


Anchoring with your Anchor Bow Roller

Your product in my mind is the best on the market!
-Richard, Toledo, Washington

 How to stow your anchor, using the Anchor Caddie

I bought this Anchor-Caddie for my husband, for his birthday, last week. We're both new boaters, as of February, and he's wanted an anchor nest since the first time we ventured out on the Columbia.

Ordering on-line was a bit scarey for for me since there were other caddie's to choose from and I know how picky my husband is when it comes to buying stuff for the boat (20' Alumiweld Stryker).

What sold me was of course the obvious...we have a Columbia River Anchor System and your web page said this Anchor Caddie was for the Columbia River Anchor so I went for it; although I was still nervous because I was ordering something I knew nothing about.

With that being said, my husband loves it! It's very easy to use, and the anchor fits perfectly in it's "nest" and my husband is no longer having to throw the anchor off the boat when anchoring (he just simply lowers it down) and he's no longer having to pull it up out over the bow when we're ready to go, he just pulls on the chain and it slides right up in the caddie. It's actually quite nice!


Jeff and Andrea Haberlock, Vancouver, WA


Anchor Locker beached on the River

This caddie is awesome. Couldn't ask for anything better. Best bang for the buck. I'd tell anyone who don't have one? Buy an Anchor Caddie! Thanks to you all for making such an awesome product.

Joe Carlson, Tacoma Washington


Best Anchor Nest on the River

Great Anchor system! Your Anchor Caddie Cadet Max beats any other type of anchor I ever used, hands down. I have a Wooldridge 17' Alaskan and your 15 lb. anchor and 5' of 5/16" chain digs deep in the rocky bottom of the Salmon River near Riggins Idaho. I usually fish alone and setting anchor was a nightmare but my problems are now solved not to mention the safety issues of one man heaving anchor with no one at the helm.

Thank you

George Holomshek, Emmett, Idaho


Anchor Caddie in Canada on Old Yeller

This is a great product. Old Yeller approved! I will be ordering more stuff too. Thanks Again, you guys are great!

Peter Day, Nova Scotia, Canada


Willamette River Fishing with Anchor Caddie

I wanted to give you a big thanks for taking time out of your weekend to teach me how to use the Anchor Caddie system properly. I will certainly tell all who will listen about your excellent system!  

Aaron Sahlstrom, Beaverton, OR


Columbia River Anchor Fishing

Installing  your nest and riser was a snap. Makes for anchoring solo a non issue. Thanks for making my fishing more enjoyable.

 James Steele, Portland, Oregon

Bow Anchor Roller at Odell Lake
 Here us a shot of the Caddie at Odell lake. It sure makes pulling the anchor up from 150 feet much more enjoyable. 
Jeremy Evers, Ontario, Oregon

 Anchor Bow Roller-Anchor Caddie PRO

My Anchor Caddie PRO in action! I usually fish alone so it really helps me drop the anchor precisely where I want it while driving the boat.

Paul Meyer, Kennewick, WA

Anchor Locker and Anchor Caddie Riser
I love the new Riser platform! Very sturdy and well built. Makes using the anchor system a breeze. Thanks you!
Mike Wise, Burbank, Washington


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