About Anchor Caddie

The Anchor Caddie product line was created in 2008 in Northwest Oregon by Paul And Tom Anderson when it was time to outfit their boat with an anchoring system. They looked at what was available and decided it wasn't going to cut it. They created Anderson & Anderson Engineering, LLC so they could properly produce the Anchor Caddie product line.

Paul had a 25 year background in Precision Sheet Metal design and manufacturing and decided to design and build one for his own boat, so he did. After using it on his boat for over a year and seeing what modifications needed to be made to make it the best for his needs, his brother Tom thought that others would benefit from this new design and talked Paul into making more and offering it to all the other boaters out there and so began the "Anchor Caddie". Still today, improvements are being made, constantly from customer input, changing market and by using the product and tweaking it to make it the best anchor nest on the market.  

After only the first year in business, they had sold over 300 Anchor Caddie anchor nests online, to local marine outfitters and boat dealers.

As time went by, they had more ideas on making the Anchor Caddie better and continued making adjustments and improvements while the others just left their products sit as is, being satisfied with the "status quo".

Paul and Tom kept coming up with more designs for other add-ons and accessories to add to the Anchor Caddie, which is now the Anchor Caddie line of products and the ideas keep coming to help boaters with their fishing & boating experience.

The business has being growing so fast that the brothers needed help, so their Dad, Paul Sr. has jumped in and is helping get the product built and Paul's wife Patty is helping with online order fulfillment, making this truly a family business!