Sturgeon Fishing on Anchor in a Boat

If you want be Sturgeon fishing on anchor in a boat, you need to have a good anchor setup for your boat, including a quick release method to get off anchor quickly to chase down your Sturgeon from an anchored position.

If you are going to Sturgeon fish on anchor in a Boat, or any other large game fish, the quick release system is a must.

The best system that I have found to get off anchor while Sturgeon fishing on Anchor is a Clam or Jam cleat. The last thing you want to do, is to try and undo some half hitches or knots against the force of the river current.

You want to be able to lift up and throw your setup over and get on with chasing your Sturgeon down river from your anchored position.

Once you deploy your anchor in your chosen Sturgeon hole, tie any excess rope off and drop the tagline in the Clam or Jam cleat to where you can just lift it up and overboard.

Another key point is once you get off anchor to chase your Sturgeon, you will need a method to retrieve your anchor line and re-attach it to your boat.

The best way I have found to do this is, either have an anchor rope bag or anchor rode bag with a flotation device attached to it, with a little rope at the tag end of it that is dropped in the Clam or Jam cleat.

If you do not have an anchor rope bag, I suggest about 10’ of floating rope with a flotation device at the end to keep the tag end floating.

Once you come back up from chasing and hopefully catching that Sturgeon from fishing on anchor from your boat, you will need something to aid in picking up your anchor line out of the water. They makes something called a Boat Hook, you can Google it. It has a dull plastic hook on the end to grab your anchor rope bag or floating rope, so you can get back on anchor and continue Sturgeon fishing on anchor in your boat.

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