How to release your anchor quickly

How to release your anchor quickly to chase your fish or get out of harm's way.

If you haven't watched our video, How to Anchor in a River, Anchor-Caddie Anchoring System and Anchor Caddie Rope Bag, watch them first.

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To release your anchor quickly, using the Anchor Caddie anchor nest and Cleat Bracket:

  • Pull up on your anchor line from your cleat bracket as shown in the picture below

Lift your rope up and out of your cleat

  • Throw your bag overboard

throw your anchor rope bag overboard

Now you are off of anchor quickly and can go chase your fish or get out of harm's way and your anchor location will be right where you left it when you are ready to get back on anchor and resume fishing or whatever you were doing on anchor.

Now, to get back on anchor, you will want to pull up alongside your anchor rope bag an buoy, being VERY CAREFUL not to run directly over your anchor line and bag. If you get your anchor line wrapped up in your boat propeller or jet impeller, it can cause your boat to turn with your stern up river and sink your boat in seconds, not to mention, disable your motor and ruin your day.

  • But before you do that, you will want to get your boat hook ready.

Garelick 55170 boat hook for retrieving your anchor line

If you are out on the water alone, you will want to get your boat hook ready by extending it to the maximum length and placing it on the bow of your boat, so you are ready to run up there and grab it quickly.

  • Now it's time to pull up to your anchor rope bag and anchor line. Again, I can't stress enough to be careful not to run over your anchor line!

motor up along side your anchor line and anchor rope bag buoy

How far up you approach your anchor rope bag will depend on how fast the current is running. You may have to run up past your rope bag if boating alone and by the time you get to the bow to hook your anchor line, you may have drifted down river too far to hook your anchor rope bag.

Don't worry if you have to make a few attempts to get alongside your rope bag. Take your time and approach it with safety in mind first.

  • Grab a hold of your anchor line with your boat hook, right behind your rope bag or grab the rope bag. Ideally, you would hook it between your bag and buoy, but any place you can hook it will work.

with your boat hook, hook the anchor line or anchor rope bag

  • Pull your anchor rope bag up and out of the water and drop the anchor line back in your cleat bracket.

pick up your anchor rope bag and drop the anchor line back in your cleat bracket

You are now back on anchor quickly, back in the same spot as before. You can now continue to fish that same location.

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