How to Add Weight to your Anchor


So you are out on the favorite waterway and you decide to move to another spot and find that your anchor won't hold will in that spot. If you only had another 10 lbs. of anchor!

With the Anchor Caddie 10 lb. Anchor Extension, you can now add weight to your anchor!

Anchor Extension, 10 lb.

The anchor extension is designed to fit the Anchor Caddie anchors, as well as most other rocker style anchors made of 1 1/2" round bar with 1 1/2" wide tines that are up to 3/8" thick.

I remember a time I was out on the river in some heavy spring runoff and the current was ripping. I was in my favorite Sturgeon hole and my standard 25 lb. anchor wasn't holding. I added some extra chain to the rode, but it still wasn't enough to get a good hold on the bottom. At that time, there was no such thing as an anchor extension, so there was no way to add weight to your anchor, other than adding some chain.

I ended up having to move to another, calmer spot where my anchor would hold, but the fishing wasn't as good.

Anchoring in different areas that could have different conditions my require you to add weight to your anchor and carrying and stowing multiple anchors of different weight just isn't a practical solution.

Now, you just carry the compact anchor extension and a couple of 9/16 wrenches, that easily stow without taking up room to add weight to your anchor and you are set. It only takes a minute or so to add the anchor extension and you are good to go with your heavier anchor.

This will turn your 15 lb. anchor into a 25 lb. anchor, your 25 lb. anchor into a 35 lb. anchor or your 35 lb. anchor into a 45 lb. anchor, you get the idea.

Anchor with anchor extensions

So there you have it, that's how you add weight to your anchor without carrying multiple anchors.

Check out the Anchor Caddie Anchor Extension here, or click on one of the pictures above to get a closer look.

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