Best Source for Anchoring Information

Best source for anchoring information

If you are looking for a source for anchoring information, you will find more that any one person could probably use on the internet these days.

Your personal purpose for anchoring will have a lot to do with how you want to search for the best source for anchoring information.

Most, if not all the information will start out with, what type of anchor you need. This will of course, start of by having an idea of what water and bottom conditions you will be anchoring in as well as the type and size boat you plan on anchoring.

For mixed bottom, meaning rocks, sand and/or gravel, you would want to go with something that depends a lot on weight with grab, as the more digging type of anchors that depend more on digging will not be able to dig in a denser bottom. See the picture below for an example of one type of anchor for those conditions.


Other anchors rely more on digging, due to soft bottoms and rely on less weight. Examples of those anchors would be what are called, Bruce style, Danforth and Fluke style anchors.

Bruce anchor for your boat anchoring system Fluke style anchor to anchor in the river

Another thing that must be considered is how the anchor is going to be tied off when deployed and where it will be stowed when not in use. This is an important part when searching for the best source for anchoring.

There are several products on the market for this job. They are referred to by many names that include, bow roller, anchor nest, anchor locker, anchor holder, as well as many others, but they are all designed to hold your anchor. Some are purpose built for specific types of anchors and others will accommodate multiple anchor types.

Below are some pictures of some of the most common anchor nests.


There are some that will have the multi-function of not only stowing your anchor, but giving you a place to secure your anchor line while on anchor as shown in the first picture above.

Below I have added some links for a few of some of what I think are the best sources for anchoring information.

Enjoy and safe anchoring.



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