Best Fishing Knot, what is it?

Best Fishing Knot, what is it?

So if you got here because you wanted to find out what is the #1 ABSOLUTE best fishing knot, guaranteed! I’m sorry I am going to disappoint you, but before you leave, I will talk about some darn good ones and some cool resources on fishing knots!

First off, the knot that I most often use is the improved clinch knot. Several decades ago, my dad taught me to tie the clinch knot. He had used that knot and his dad before him, so it only made sense that he would teach his son that knot.

As I grew up, I somehow, somewhere along the lines, changed it to the IMPROVED clinch knot. Picture compliments of and video compliments of

I have used this improved clinch knot from trout fishing, tuna fishing, to oversize sturgeon fishing and the knot hasn’t failed me.

There are some that say the Palomar knot is the greatest and for sure it is a darn good knot and pretty easy to tie. Below is a link to a test that was done on the Palomar vs. other knots.

Of course, if you need to put an egg loop in your line at the hook, neither one of them are the right knot for you.

These knots are specifically for tying your fishing line to your hook and it seems that there are as many knots as there are internet references to them. But I will reference a few different sites that do provide some great information on them and one of my favorites is Animated Knots by Grog, His website shows an animated view of how to tie knots in easy to follow, step by step animation.

Other knot tying websites you may find useful:

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