River Anchor System

River Anchor Systems or Columbia River Anchor Systems are a vital part of your boat equipment when fishing in river currents and any water where a constant directional current exists.

Bow Anchor Rollers or Anchor Nests, properly set up can assist in deploying, holding and retrieving your River Anchor as well as releasing the anchor line quickly in emergency situations.

Anchor Nests or Anchor Rollers also act as an Anchor Locker to hold your River Anchor in place while moving from fishing hole to fishing hole or while trailering your boat.

River Anchoring Techniques vary, but the most important thing is safety, you want the ability to release you anchor line and move out of harms way when necessary. One of the most effective ways to do this is using a clam cleat or jam cleat mounted aft of your Bow Roller.

This quick release is also very helpful when you hook up to a Salmon, Sturgeon or Steelhead. It allows you to release your anchor line and chase the fish, then come back and reset on your Anchoring System.

The most common types of Anchors used are called Columbia River Anchors or Rocking Chair Anchors. Other common anchors used in River Fishingare Bruce Anchors, Danforth and Fortress Anchors, as well as other River Style Anchors. They are most suited for the Columbia River Anchor Nest.

So whether you are Salmon Fishing or Sturgeon Fishing in the Columbia River, Snake River, Fraser River in Alaska, Willamette River or fishing for other species in any of the many Rivers around the world, having a good River Anchoring System is the way to go.


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