Anchor Nest vs. Anchor Holder vs. Bow Roller vs. Anchor Locker vs. Anchor Roller vs. Anchor Caddie

Anchor Nest vs. Anchor Holder vs. Bow Roller vs. Anchor Locker vs. Anchor Roller vs. Anchor Caddie

So which is it? I have heard so many different names for the device. The first time I heard of the device, some ages ago, I heard Bow Roller, which made sense to me at the time. It is something that you put on your bow and it has rollers, ‘nuf said!

Now the purpose of a Bow Roller is to hold your anchor, hence Anchor Holder, sometimes with the ability to lock it in place when stowed, then we have the Anchor Locker. This is where it starts to change its name, but not what it does in its native form.

After a while, I was thinking that the anchor should and does actually nest in there. Now we have an Anchor Nest, which makes total sense!

So, if you want something to hold your anchor, get an Anchor Holder. If you want something to nest your anchor in, get an Anchor Nest.

If you need something that has rollers that you can mount on your bow to help pull and stow your anchor, then the Bow Roller is for you, but don’t overlook the Anchor Locker, if you want to lock your anchor while it is stowed, not in use.

Now the Anchor Roller description is probably the most undescriptive as it implies you are going to roll your anchor over it. Well, your anchor will come over it, but it doesn’t really roll, but we will leave the term, Anchor Roller alone and let it keep its place for now.

Ok, that brings us to the Anchor Caddie, which the word Caddie means “…any rigidly structured, wheeled device for carrying or moving around heavy objects”. Then Anchor Caddie makes perfect sense as well. I would like a Caddie to carry my heavy object, in this case is an Anchor.

Any way you look at it, if you want to stow your anchor at the bow of your boat, with the ability to have them make it easier to assist in deploying and retrieving your anchor, they are all the same thing, so call it as you see fit.

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