The Best Anchor Locker or Anchor Bow Roller in Aluminum for your boat anchor

So what is the best aluminum Anchor Locker or Anchor Bow Roller for your boat anchor?

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You have some choices when it comes to an aluminum Anchor Locker. Miller Marine is one of the top contenders, as well as Leelock, but there are some differences.

Miller Marine makes a ¼” thick aluminum Anchor Locker that has been around for quite some time and has acquired, somewhat of a cult following here in the northwest and is a good choice for an aluminum Anchor Bow Roller.

There are pros and cons with it, as there would be for any best aluminum Anchor Locker or Anchor Bow Roller your will find.

The pros definitely outweigh any cons, but let’s take a look at the pros. As I mentioned, being an Anchor Locker made out of ¼” aluminum, it is definitely tough. The trimmings are made of UHMW, which is UV resistant and is a good choice for boats being out in the elements.

The only thing that I’m not fond of, is this particular Anchor Bow Roller is just raw aluminum, no finish coat, but since this is meant to be a tool, not a show piece, I guess that’s ok and still can be considered one of the best Anchor Lockers currently on the market.

The Leelock Aluminum Anchor Locker I compared it to, is also made out of ¼” aluminum and has similar qualities and is priced about the same. They also use UHMW or HDPE trimmings, which is a good thing, since these products are designed to be out in the elements. Although Leelock does put an anodizing process on it to protect the raw aluminum.

Leelock also carries a variety of Aluminum Anchor Bow Rollers with some modular touches and are some very good ideas, but you can take a look for yourself as we are just discussing the best Anchor Lockers in aluminum and not getting into the details of their product offerings.

They also picked up the Big Water Anchor Locker, which was created by a different company years ago and the Aluminum Anchor Bow Roller has been picked up or acquired by them.

There are other manufactures of Anchor Lockers or Anchor Bow Rollers in Aluminum, but the 2 above are the best currently on the market.


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