Which is the right Anchor Nest for my boat?

Which is the right anchor nest for my boat?

To determine which is the right anchor nest for your boat, there are a couple of questions you need to answer first.

  • How big is my boat?
  • How much installation area do I have for the install?

If your boat is smaller than about 16 foot, you could go with the Cadet anchor nest.

Bow roller for smaller boats  anchor roller for small boats

Most smaller boats will have a small bow plate. The bow plate is a strengthening piece that helps keep the bow of the boat from coming apart. It acts as a support gusset.

If that’s the case and your mounting space is limited, the Cadet would be the right choice. Also, with the Cadet mounted and your anchor stowed, the end of the anchor post, (the end you secure with your anchor rode) will drop down in your bow deck and allow you to use a pin to secure your anchor chain to your anchor nest.

If you have a longer bow plate, the end of your anchor post might sit on your bow plate, lifting your anchor a bit and keep you from using that pin. This will NOT be the issue when choosing the other anchor nests we will discuss below.

The next option to determine, which is the right anchor nest for your boat, is the Anchor Caddie Original. The Original comes in 2 finishes, Gray Hammertone and Clear Grain, but both are identical in every other respect.

Anchor Brackets for Boats  Anchor Rollers for boats 

Similar to the Cadet, but longer and will accommodate the same anchors, up to 1 ¾” diameter and 1 ½” square, the pin location is higher and your anchor post will sit on a ¾” impact plate in the rear that will keep the anchor post from hitting your bow deck, no matter how long your bow deck is.

The Anchor Caddie Original is suited for any size boat that has the bow deck space to install, but typically gets installed on boats in the 16 to 24 foot range, but is not uncommon to smaller or larger boats.

Lastly is the newest Anchor Caddie offering, the Anchor Caddie PRO

Best Aluminum Anchor Nest  Best Aluminum Anchor Bracket

Like the Original, it doesn’t matter what size your bow plate or bow deck is, the anchor post will be raised above your bow deck. So when deciding which is the right anchor nest for your boat, you can’t go wrong with the Anchor Caddie PRO, especially with its built in pivoting cleat bracket system.

Unlike the Original and Cadet versions, which are made of powder coated stainless steel, the PRO is made of marine grade aluminum, and so if you have a preference, it is another factor to consider.

I hoped this bit of information helped you decide which is the right anchor nest for your boat!

If you want more detailed information on the anchor nest choices, you can click on this link, Anchor Nest Options

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  • Anchor Caddie On

    Hi Paul,

    A boat without easy bow access makes using a manual anchoring system tough. You may consider a Windless system. If you have a Fisherman’s Marine or West Marine near you, drop by with some pictures of your boat to discuss your options.

    Paul Anderson

  • Paul collins On

    I have a 1980 thompson fisherman 2 fiberglass boat. There is no anchor hatch or pulley to make dropping and retrieving easier. How can I get one or a roller system for my boat? What roller for a danforth is best?

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