How to Mount an Anchor Nest on a Thunder Jet Boat

Installing an Anchor Caddie on a Thunder Jet Boat

Thunder Jet has not, as of this writing, caught up with need customers have with mounting an anchor nest on the bow of their boats, by not having access to nut and bolt under the bow.

I’m sure at some point in the future they will get on board with other aluminum boat manufacturers, but in the meantime, there are a few options that folks use to get it done.

There are 3 options that I know are currently available to mount an anchor nest on a Thunder Jet boat, but the 2 most common options are:

1) Cut a hole on the vertical wall behind the bow deck and install an inspection plate like the picture below. This is the easiest and most economical of the 2. You will now have access to nut & bolt your Anchor Caddie anchor nest.

Boat Inspection Plate to Mount Your Anchor Caddie Anchor Nest

2) We offer a weld on threaded plate that you weld on the top of the bow. This plate is 1/2" thick aluminum and with the Anchor Caddie hole pattern. Once it is welded on the bow, you just bolt it on with the hardware that comes with our weld on threaded plate. You can see that here,

The last option is using what are called Rivnuts, also called threaded inserts. This method requires a specialized tool to install the rivnuts properly.

Rivnuts for mounting and anchor nest on a boatRivnuts installed on the bow of a boat

Once installed properly, you now have threaded holes on the bow of your Thunder Jet Boat to mount your anchor nest on.

It is also important that the hole pattern is drilled very precise. If the holes drilled are too big, your rivnuts will not hold and you will not be able to use them. If your hole pattern is off too much, you may not be able align your anchor nest on your Thunder Jet boat to insert your bolts.

Although I don’t recommend using this method, if done properly, it is a very effective method and probably the most economical option. But, if in the future, you pull one of them out, you may not be able to get it reinstalled effectively and will end up going back to option 1 or 2.

I hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to leave them below or contact us directly.

Paul Anderson

Anchor Caddie


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  • Anchor Caddie On

    Hi Mike,

    When I cut mine, I used a jig saw, but I’m sure there are other tools that would work. You could also get yourself a square or rectangular plate and cut the hole. It would be easier to cut a square than it would be to cut a circle.

    Paul Anderson

  • Mike On

    Ryan.or anyone else who can help… do you cut the round hole on the vertical wall? It seems to be an odd size….something like 4 3/8 for the insert that I have. Thanks.

  • Anchor Caddie On

    Hi Bob,
    You can send a pic of your Rogue Jet Boatworks Fast Water 23 to and we will help you out.

    Paul Anderson

  • Bob Figone On

    Do you have any guidance and hardware kits for mounting Anchor Caddie to Rogue Jet Boatworks Fast Water 23 bow? I should have done this when built. I currently comes standard with basic double anchor rope guides. I can send pic of my boat

  • Ryan On

    I was able to bolt my anchor caddie to the bow of the Thunder Jet but had to drill new bolt holes on the caddie so I didn’t interfere with the weld structure underneath. No big deal. Did the whole install in an hour or so. This included cutting the inspection port.

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