My anchor doesn’t hold on the bottom of the river

So, your anchor doesn’t hold on the river bottom?

If your anchor doesn’t want to hold on the bottom of the river, there are some things you can do.

The first thing you will need to assess, is what type of bottom that body of water is made of, or at least a good idea.

The first thing to look at, unless you can swim down and take a look or see through to the bottom, is the shore next to the area that you are trying to anchor. This, generally gives you a good idea of what is at the bottom.

For soft, muddy or sandy bottoms, you will want to try a Danforth or Bruce style anchor, if you are not already. These types of anchors act as a shovel and dig into the bottom, allowing them to create more resistance on the bottom to allow your anchor to hold the river bottom.

If the bottom is mixed with sand, mud, rocks, boulders, etc., you may want to use an anchor with narrow tines, like a River Rocker anchor, which can also be called a Columbia River or Rocking Chair anchor, or a Kedge style. These anchors act more like a pick axe to pierce the ground and their weight helps hold your anchor to the river bottom.

An additional trick you can try, before you go out and buy another anchor, is to add extra chain to the end of your anchor. How much chain will depend on river current, size of boat and size of anchor. Be prepared to add 3 – 12 foot of additional chain to get your anchor to hold on the river bottom. Carrying extra chain, sure beats carrying extra anchors.

But the best way is to learn from others. See what types of anchoring systems other are using where you plan on anchoring. This will help if your anchor doesn’t hold on the bottom of the river.

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