Will My Anchor Caddie Hold a Danforth, Bruce, Kedge or Other Type of Anchor?

Will my Anchor Caddie hold a Danforth, Bruce, Kedge or other type of anchor?

The Anchor Caddie will hold many types of anchors, as will most other anchor holders on the market.

The Anchor Caddie anchor nest was originally created to hold, what is referred to, as a Columbia River Anchor or Rocking Chair Anchor, as shown below.

 Anchor in Anchor Nest for River Anchoring

But the Anchor Caddie can also accommodate a Danforth and other fluke style anchors as well. The Bruce Anchor fits very nicely as you can see from the picture below.

 Bruce Anchor in Anchor Nest

With the Danforth Anchor, as well as other fluke style anchors, the flukes of the Danforth Anchor will sit under the rollers of the Anchor Caddie, while the main shaft of the anchor sits in the channel of the anchor nest as you can see from the picture below of Old Yeller.

 Fluke style anchor on an Anchor Caddie

The Kedge Anchor, as with most other types of anchors, the anchor shaft runs through the channel of the Anchor Caddie and the points that dig into the bottom of the water way you are anchoring in, rest over the rollers of the Anchor Caddie.

Your only restriction will be the size of the Danforth, Bruce, Kedge or other type of anchor. These types of anchors do not depend completely on weight to keep the boat anchored, they also depend on the flukes or other tines to dig deeper in the bottom of the water way. But the Anchor Caddie will typically hold any of those types of anchor weighing up to about 50 pounds.

If you are not going to use a Danforth, Bruce, Kedge or other type of anchor and are going with a Columbia River Anchor, A.K.A. Rocking Chair Anchor or River Anchor, your only restriction is going to be the size of your anchor stock of 2” diameter to make sure it fits in your Anchor Caddie.

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  • Anchor Caddie On

    Hi Gary,

    We do not make a Canned anchor nest to hold the canned anchor. You could use the canned anchor in our anchor nest, but it won’t be as secure as it would be in an anchor nest designed for it.

    Paul Anderson

  • GaryJackson On

    Does Anchor Caddie make a canned anchor assembly to fit my Anchor Caddie with Columbia River anchor, or will it secure a Leelock canned anchor assembly?

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