How to Anchor with a Bow Mount Trolling Motor

Do you have a bow mount trolling motor, but sometimes want to anchor fish?

The easiest solution is to have an anchor nest that can mount on a quick release bracket. The same type of bracket that you would use to mount your bow mount trolling motor on.

In the picture below, we show an anchor nest mounted on an Anchor Caddie Adapter Bracket, which is mounted on the top plate of a Minn Kota® MKA-16-02 Quick Release Bracket, one of the most popular quick release brackets on the market.

After recent requests to have this adapter kit work for Motorguide users, we have found that it will match up perfectly on the Motorguide X Series quick release brackets.

Trolling Motor Bracket

With this setup, you would just slide off your bow mount trolling motor and slide in your anchor nest and you are ready to anchor fish.

Removing a Trolling MotorInserting an Anchor Nest


In this setup, you would have purchased an additional quick release bracket, because you will need that top plate of the second quick release bracket to mount your adapter kit to, if you wanted to have both the bow mount trolling motor and anchor nest ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. But once you have this setup, switching between the two can be done with ease.

The Anchor Caddie Trolling Motor Adapter Kit is currently designed to mount on the most popular Minn Kota® Quick Release Brackets, as well as the Motorguide X Series Quick Release Brackets.

With this adapter kit, it doesn’t matter if your quick release bracket is mounted on the port or starboard side. With the angle plate, it can be rotated to accommodate both installations and also includes a 10 degree swing adjustment, in case the original installation is off the standard 45 degree angle.

Bow Mount Trolling Motor Bracket

So if you have, or plan on a bow mount trolling motor, but would still like the ability to switch to anchor fishing, you have options with the Anchor Caddie Trolling Motor Bracket Adapter.

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  • Anchor Caddie On

    Since the release of this adapter kit, we have compiled an expanded list of which Minn Kota quick release brackets this adapter kit will fit on. It will fit on the following Minn Kota quick release brackets:

    MKA 47 Universal

    You can also view a compatibility chart we have created, so you can match your motor to your quick release bracket as well as a link to the Minn Kota site on their quick release brackets. These links can be found on the product page here,

  • Anchor Caddie On


    First off, sorry for not getting to your post sooner! I will also followup with an email to you directly.

    We have not tested it on any of the MotorGuide brackets and if you let us know what model bracket you have, we may be able to get our hands on one to see what it will take.

    Paul @ Anchor Caddie

  • gene On

    will the anchor caddie mount to the motorguide quick release bracket if so what size caddie would u recommend with a 20ft 72 inch bottom jon boat with a 90hp motor if any of that matters thanks

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