Drift Boat Pyramid Anchor Nest/Holder

Drift Boat Anchor Nest or Pyramid Anchor Holder

We have been asked over the last couple of years to come out with a drift boat pyramid anchor nest, by some of our customers that are drift boat guides and some of our retailers, and since we are in the anchor nest business, we have come up with an “Anchor Caddie” worthy design.

Pyramid Anchor Holder

NO Welds!

With a 2-piece design that is bolted as it’s bolted to the drift boat, there are no weak points. We have seen 2-piece welded drift boat anchor nests that hold pyramid anchors, but as good or as professional the welds may be, it is still a possible point of failure. Especially if you consider the battering these pyramid anchor holders are subjected to!

With our drift boat pyramid anchor holder or anchor nest that is weld free and bolted through the drift boat itself, it can’t fail!

Pyramid Anchor Nest for Drift Boats

NO Rivets!

Rivets can be another point of failure in a pyramid anchor nest on drift boats. Rivets are basically metal that expand into a hole to keep the two pieces together, which historically has been effective, but when it comes to using them on a product that will continuously have force trying to pull it apart, it may not be the most practical option.

NO Internal Obstruction!

All the other drift boat anchor nests that hold pyramid anchors, have one thing in common, that I have seen. They either have the mounting that has you having a bolt or screw head on the inside of the anchor nest or rivets protruding inside.

If you have a riveted pyramid anchor holder, you may possibly be able to shear off or otherwise compromise the effectiveness of the rivets when dropping your pyramid anchor into the anchor nest.

Since most of the internal obstructions, whether bolt heads or rivets, is harder than the lead that most drift boat pyramid anchors are made of, will scratch and scrape on your anchor leaving dents or grooves on your pyramid anchor. Is this the end of the world? No, but why put up with it if you don’t have to?

With our 2-piece design, the mounting to your drift boat take place on the outside of the pyramid anchor nest. Nothing on the inside to compromise your anchor.

Anyway, this is our take on it and is why we designed ours the way we did. It is also what makes it very easy to offer a lifetime guarantee on our drift boat pyramid anchor nest.

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or get a hold of us with any questions!


Reviews (4 comments)

  • Anchor Caddie On

    Hi Bobby,

    Yes, it would work!

    How I would do it is, get a metal or aluminum plate and use the back plate of the anchor nest as your template for the holes and drill that pattern into your new plate. Then you can get some nuts and bolts that would allow you to put the bolts through the plates on both sides of one of the trailer tubes and tighten it down and you are good to go!

  • Bobby mcmahan On

    I am looking for an anchor next that I can mount onto the trailer not onto the boat itself. Would this be able to work?

  • Anchor Caddie On

    Hi Matt,

    The dimension on the bottom holes, left to right are 4.090 to the center of the holes.
    The dimension on the top holes, left to right are 6.697 to the center of the holes.

    Hope this helps and let me know if you have any more questions.


  • Matt T. On

    What are the dimensions of the bolt pattern for the anchor caddie? I’m trying to find out if it’s large enough to mount to a trailer using either longer bolts or U bolts. Thanks.

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