What to look for in this type of anchor and do you need these features?

Best River Anchor

We made some changes to our river break away anchor and we wanted to share those with you as well as why those features are important when choosing this type of anchor.

Before we get into those features, I wanted to let you know, our anchors are made here in the US of steel produced here in the US and have a structural grade, hot dip galvanized coating done in the US.

This is the same coating that is used on outdoor structures like street light posts and bridge railings.

Ok, now onto the new features.

The latest feature we added, was the custom laser cut link at the base of the anchor, as shown below.

Galvanized River Anchor

We call it a link because, that is what we originally used and is what a lot of other anchor manufacturers are currently using on this type of anchor. Link that others use is shown below.

Galvanized Anchor Chain Link

One of the challenges with the original link was, it made it difficult to snug the anchor up into the anchor nest when the anchor was stowed and secured with a pin.

There would be too much movement when the anchor was stowed in the anchor nest and could be an issue in rougher waters.

Loose Chain in Anchor Nest

With the 3 holes on the new link, you can now get better adjustment when you pin your anchor into the nest by picking the specific hole that does the best job.

Galvanized Boat Anchor

Now, if you don’t have an Anchor Caddie anchor or an Anchor Caddie anchor nest, but still need to solve this problem, there's the video at the bottom of this post showing how a lot of folks have solved this.

Ok, onto the next feature…

The next feature is the custom laser cut Loop at the top of the anchor.

Galvanized Columbia River Anchor

Similar story of our custom link, we call this a loop because, that is what we originally used and is what a lot of other anchor manufacturers are currently using on this type of anchor.

River Anchor Loop

Some are even using a regular link of chain, welded sideways on top of the anchor.

Chain Link on Boat Anchor

One of the challenges with the original loop was, it would get caught on the underside of the rollers when bringing the anchor up.

This was due to 2 reasons:

1, the loop was too wide and 2, the zip tie for the breakaway feature would slide down the side of the loop, leaving a V shape at the top of the anchor that would all but guarantee it will get stuck.

Galvanized Columbia River Anchor

With our custom loop, those problems go away.

With the leading angle on our loop, it will never get caught up on the rollers as you pull your anchor up into the nest.

And with the dedicated zip tie hole, your zip tie will never slide down. Eliminating any chance of creating that V I mentioned moments ago.

Now, with all that being said, in my experience, about half the time, the anchor comes up chain side in. for those times, the fancy custom link is moot. But for the other 50% it is a frustration saver.

Well that does it with our recent improvements on our anchors.

To get your Anchor Caddie anchor or any other Anchor Caddie products, visit your local outfitter or go to Anchor Caddie.com today.


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  • Anchor Caddie On

    Hi Debra, first off, Thanks for your order!

    The zip tie on the anchor is designed to break if your anchor gets stuck. Once the zip tie breaks, it allows you to bring up the anchor upside down and freeing from any obstruction that got it stuck in the first place.

    For more information, you can watch this YouTube video, https://youtu.be/LJ-yfqq1qvg Copy the link into your browser or you can go to YouTube and search for Anchor Caddie, then look for a video titled, “What zip tie do I need to for my boat anchor?”

    Hope this helps and let me know if you have any more questions.

  • Debra F LaFave-Smith On

    Ok, can you please enlighten me as to the purpose of the zip tie on the anchor? What does it do? thank you for your help.

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