How to install an Anchor Caddie on a fiberglass boat

Installing a Bow Roller to a fiberglass boat

Below is the process a customer used to install an Anchor Caddie on a fiberglass boat. In this case he did not have access under his bow to do a standard nut and bolt installation.

In addition to his challenge, he also had a navigation light in the way, on the center of his bow. For this, we recommended using the Anchor Caddie Riser to get above and over this, so he could then mount his Anchor Caddie on top of the Riser.

He was kind enough to share his experience with us at Anchor Caddie, so we thought we would pass that along for others that may run across the same situation.

Here is the list he shared with us on the tools and materials used to mount his Anchor Caddie on his fiberglass boat.

  • 1/4 drill bit for pilot holes
  • 5/16" - 1.5" galvanized lag bolts with washers
  • Gorilla tape / painters tape - this was used to prevent the gel coat from chipping or cracking while drilling and worked great.
  • 1/2" standard and deep socket with ratchet - I did NOT use an impact driver intentionally to avoid unnecessary stress on the fiberglass and to avoid chipping and cracking. 
  • Liquid Nails- Into the pilot holes for the lag bolts.
  • Carpenters Square - to ensure the cradle riser was square.

Tools and materials used to install an Anchor Caddie on a fiberglass boat

Step 1

Placed Gorilla tape on the bow to protect from chipping while drilling and place blue painter's tape on top to mark the holes.


Bow Roller Installation on Fiberglass Boat

Step 2

Aligned the base of the Anchor Caddie Riser, square and center using the framing square.

Fiberglass Boat, Anchor Nest Installation

Step 3

Marked and drilled the holes f through the bow of the fiberglass boat.

Drilling holes in a fiberglass boat for anchor locker installation

Step 4

Placed liquid nails in the pilot holes and installed the lag bolts with washers

Anchor Nest, Fiberglass Boat Installation Tips

Step 5

Trimmed tape and completed installation and assembly of the Anchor Caddie Riser and anchor nest. You can get assembly and/or installation instructions on our support page.

Anchor Caddie Fiberglass Boat Installation

Step 6


Thanks go out to Craig from Sweet  Home, Oregon to share his experience on how to install an Anchor Caddie on a fiberglass boat!

If you, the reader, have your own particular challenge or tips on installing your Anchor Caddie product, we would love to hear it!

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    • Anchor Caddie On

      Hi William,

      What bolts are you trying to remove?

      What I did on one of my old boats was to cut a circular hole on the vertical wall behind the bow to gain access to the underside. Once the anchor nest was installed, I install an inspection plate in the hole and it looked like it belonged there.

      Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information.


    • William clarke On

      Have 21wa sea swirl that has no access to remove or install a new anchor nest. Was going to saw the bolts to remove, is that good? And see maybe I can come up with the right installation.

    • Anchor Caddie On

      Bret, the length of the riser base, the portion that will be mounted on your bow, is 8.4 inches long.

      Don’t hesitate to contact us directly if you need more information.

      Thanks for the order!


    • Bret Sines On

      Hi…Can you give me the lenghth dimension of the riser base……I am concerned it will not fit flat on my bow……thx Bret

    • Arnold Jeffords On

      How’s that working so far, any problems working loose.

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