How to keep your anchor secure in your anchor nest

How to secure your anchor in your anchor nest

In response to questions and comments from customers on how to keep their anchor secure and snugged up in their anchor nest, we put together a short video along with this blog post, I hope this helps.

The situation they are facing is, when you put the provided pin through a link in the chain, the anchor is not pulled back and snug against the guards to restrict movement.

Anchor Slack in Anchor Nest

With the never ending types of anchors on the market, it’s impossible to have the pin and link location in perfect alignment to have it snugged up against the guards on the anchor nest. Although you could get lucky, well as lucky as hitting the lottery.

The easiest solution to this, is to get one of these trucker bungees and attach it to one of the links of the chain and secure it around the pin on the anchor nest or some other location to pull it snug.

Secure Boat Anchor with Bungee Bungee secured to anchor

Another solution would be to secure you anchor then pull it back against the guards, then put a strong zip tie, wire, rope or some other material to take up the slack.

Zip Tie on Boat Anchor

One thing we have done here at Anchor Caddie, since we offer, both anchor nests and anchors, we have come up with a custom link that is welded to the anchor that has 3 different attachment points.

Custom Boat Anchor

With these 3 different attachment points, even if you are not using one of our anchor nests, you have a better chance at reducing the slack difference that keeps the anchor from snugging up against the guards on the anchor nest.

Now, even better news, these 3 different attachment points are specifically designed around our own Anchor Caddie anchor nests, that will eliminate the slack.

I hope this helped, but if you have any other tips or fixes that you have used, feel free to leave a comment below.

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