How Tough is the Best Anchor Rope Bag?


From questions over the last couple of years and with the introduction of our new custom cleat system, folks have been asking about the quality and durability of our Anchor Rope Bags, so we decided to do some field testing, literally in a field!

 We have been touting for years that we make the best anchor rope bag and when we get asked how we can say that and what testing have you done to support your claim, we really didn't have anything documented.

The above being said, not only have we been using our own anchor rope bag on our boat, but there have been plenty of customers backing our claim on a great product. Take a look at the reviews.

The first test we did was to put an extreme load in the anchor rope bag to stress test the stitching. We were original just going to use my 45 lb grandson Bubba, but just so happened we had my other grandson, Little Paul over that day, so we through him in the bag as well. Although we didn't weigh him, but he has to be every bit of 20 lbs. That takes us up to about 65 lbs without any failure at all. And we feel we could have put more in there but I ran out of grandkids.

Considering the anchor rope bag, filled with wet rope, will only weigh about 10 lbs or so, we feel that when you ask, how tough is the best anchor rope bag? This will be one of the things that you would want to know.

The second test we did, was to have it drop from high up to make sure that it didn't split or rip in any are of the rope bag and it passed with flying colors!

Then, since we developed the new custom cleat, we wanted to make sure that it wouldn't break or that it wouldn't break your anchor line under pressure. Not that it will ever be under that type of pressure, but it's nice to know that you can check that off the list, when you are looking to find the toughest and the best anchor rope bag.

And lastly, and we knew it wouldn't pass, but we just had to set it on fire and of course, it melted quicker than the Wicked Witch of the East!

Anyway, now that we have put it through more pain and suffering than any of you would, we feel we can say with confidence that we have the toughest and best anchor rope bag!

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