Installing an Anchor Nest on a 21 Foot North River Seahawk

I'm sharing a customer story on the installation of an Anchor Caddie on a 21 foot North River Seahawk, although some others may have a similar situation, especially on some Thunderjet boats as well, from what other customers have commented on.

The situation was a tube welded on the underside of the bow to add strength in the boat build. The bow if the 21 foot North River Seahawk, appears to have about a 2 foot deep bow deck, hence the reason for underside support going the length of the bow.

21 foot Northriver Seahawk

When mounting an Anchor Caddie on a bow with this underside support, it is important to get your mounting holes as symmetrically centered as possible as you can see from this installation.

Since you cannot just add washers and nuts, due to the tube being in the way, you would add a plate, in this case of an Anchor Caddie installation, you can add the Load Spreader Plate that Anchor Caddie offers that has the same hole pattern as the Anchor Caddie PRO.

The Anchor Caddie, as well as the Load Spreader Plate has holes on 2" centers. This allows for the clearance of the 1 1/2" tube on the underside of this particular 21 foot North River Seahawk.

Anchor Caddie on Northriver Boat

As you can see, you can only be off by 1/4" on either side when drilling your mounting holes, which shouldn't be much of an issue, but is worth mentioning. The last thing you want to do is re-drill your holes or make bigger holes to get it installed. 

Another option, if you do not want to deal with this, is to weld a threaded plate on the top of the bow that has your Anchor Nest's hole pattern. In the case of installing an Anchor Caddie, we have a Weld on Threaded Plate available for just that purpose.

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