TactiBite Fish Call Review

TactiBite Fish Call

I just saw this on Shark Tank and thought I’d like to give this a shot and provide my TactiBite Fish Call review, if possible.

Since this thing floats, and we would be trying on Salmon and probably Sturgeon, which would be a bit deeper, I am wondering if we can get that thing to sink to do a proper TactiBite Fish Call review.

I can see if you are fishing more surface fish or in shallow water where the depth doesn’t matter and you can take advantage of the vibration that it puts out, but what about fishing for Salmon that are closer to the bottom of 20’ of water or even deeper?

Add to that, if you wanted to go after Sturgeon, where you can be fishing in 50’ to 100’ of water in a moving river current? Can you actually do a proper TactiBite Fish Call review?

I was and still am skeptical even though I saw this on Shark Tank and they got a deal. How many infomercials have you seen on the latest and greatest lure or fishing tactic that guarantees that you WILL catch more fish?

When we first heard about BaitCloud, we couldn’t wait to do a proper BaitCloud review and we did order our BaitCloud last month, but still haven’t received that order, so that one is still on hold until we get our hands on it.

One of the things about Shark Tank, is that when someone airs on that program, they do get lots of traffic and orders, so I am not sure that they would be much different in trying to fulfill orders and at $99 to get this TactiBite Fish Call, we may or may not get a chance to do a proper TactiBite Fish Call review, but we will see.

If we can get our hands on this Fish Call, we will try and rig it up to get it to the bottom of the rivers out here in the Northwest and take it from there.

As with the BaitCloud, we will attempt to do some underwater footage as well, conditions permitting.

So for the moment, our TactiBite Fish Call review, hopefully be done before the winter comes and the conditions become too nasty to review, but stay tuned!

In the meantime, if you have any experience with this, don't hesitate to chime in and tell us what you think!

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  • Frank U On

    I have been out about 4 times now and with no luck, I’m beginning to wonder if this really works. I’ve used 8 different lures, the company claim is “catch fish every time” I can video a hour next time I go out to show someone.

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