How to use an Anchor Rope Bag with a cleat

I have had a few customers ask, “How do I use the cleat on my anchor rope bag?”

At first I was a bit confused at the question, but I was looking at the question with blinders on!

I was going off the assumption that everyone would use it the same way I did and the way that most boating fisherman & fisher-women would use it here in the northwest.

Well, you know what happens when you assume ;)

As our rope bags become more and more popular, they started reaching across this country, as well as other countries and we found that a lot of boaters are using them for their sailboats and bigger powerboats and will never use the cleat, but they wanted a top shelf product to manage their anchor rope so I thought that I should clarify how to use the cleat on our anchor rope bag.

I will start by saying that, you do not need to use the cleat, unless you have the possible need to throw your rope bag overboard to get off anchor. If you think that you may want to use the cleat to get off anchor, you can watch the video on how to setup your rope bag and how to use that setup get off anchor below.


A lot of folks with boats used 5 gallon buckets, plastic totes and the like, to stow their anchor rope and rode to keep it contained, instead of just leaving the rope laying around creating a tripping hazard.

When folks started seeing the need to get off anchor and wanted to re-anchor in the same spot for various reasons, like chasing a fish that was too big to just muscle in, take a passenger back to the dock for a pit stop, etc. They didn’t want to have to completely pull in the anchor and all that rode, just to have to re-anchor in that same spot.

They started coming up with ways to get off anchor quickly and started using methods like, wrapping the remainder of the rope with zip ties, webbing belts, bungee cords, throwing it in a laundry bag, etc. Then attaching a flotation device to it and throwing it over board to have it floating right where they left it when the returned.

Fast forward to where we are now and as we know, “necessity is the mother of invention” We have taken several of the ingredients and necessities to come up with an anchor rope bag that can do more than everyone may need.

If you are one of those boaters who will never have the need to throw your anchor rope bag overboard, then the odds of you needing the cleat function are very slim, but you can be confident that the remainder of the materials and workmanship in putting the anchor rope bag together will not disappoint you.

I hope this clears up the question, “How do I use the cleat on my anchor rope bag?”

Don’t hesitate to comment if you have any questions or comments.

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  • Anchor Caddie On

    That’s great to hear George! Thanks for posting!

    Paul Anderson
    Anchor Caddie

  • George Rainha On

    Love my anchor rope bag.Everything I have purchased from you guys has made my boating awesome.Thanks. George

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