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Anchor Rope Bag, ORIGINAL, Hi Vis Green (AB101G)
Anchor Rope Bag, ORIGINAL, Hi Vis Red (AB101R)
Anchor Rope Bag, ORIGINAL, Hi Vis Yellow (AB101Y)
Anchor Rope Bag, ORIGINAL, Hi Vis Orange (AB101O)
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Introducing the Anchor Caddie "Anchor Rope Bag"!

 The first video shows our test results of the anchor rope bag and the video below that, gives instructions for setup and use of your anchor rope bag.

Made of Phifertex ® Vinyl coated polyester mesh, the standard for UV, mildew protection & durability in outdoor materials.

  • 5 year No Nonsense guarantee. If it fails, we fix it or replace it, period!
  • Made in the USA, by people that actually use the product
  • (New) Custom cleat with buoy attachment point to accommodate up to 5/8" rope
  • Industrial strength bonded polyester stitching
  • Brass grommet on bottom to tie rope to bag. Grommet will accommodate up to 5/8" rope
  • Bag closes by two crossing straps for conveniently closing the bag to keep the rope from paying out when you don't want it to


  • Holds approximately 500' of 3/8" or 300' of 1/2" rope.
  • Approximate size: 13" diameter by 18" high

    Comes in 4 high visibility colors, Hi Vis Yellow, Orange, Red and Green. Vital when throwing your bag into the water. Lets you see it easily and everyone else knows it's there so they don't run it over.

    *****Please note, the rope bag will not float. You must attach the appropriate size flotation device for your chosen bag and rope*****


    The rope capacity is based on supple solid braid nylon rope, so the capacity may vary depending on rope type and stiffness.

    Approximate Height


    Approximate Width


    Approximate Capacity

    500' of 3/8" Rope


    Available Colors

    Hi-Vis Yellow


    Hi-Vis Orange


    Hi-Vis Green


    Hi-Vis Red

    Q & A


    Ask a Question
    • Can I get an anchor caddie in color blue?

      Hi Lwrn,

      Sorry, we cannot do them in blue.

      Thanks for the question!

      Paul Anderson

    • What size bag recommended for 200 feet 5/8 inch rope with 20 feet of 3/8 chain.

      Hi Peter,

      The PRO would be the bag that you want.

      Thanks for your interest in Anchor Caddie!

      Paul Anderson

    • Is this bag suitable to attach to the bow rail of a sailboat? What would be the best method to do this?

      Hi Gary,

      Yes, I would recommend using some type of caribinar clip attached to our custom cleat.

      Paul Anderson

    • Will the Original be large enough for my needs? Or go to Pro? I have approximately 200 ft of 3/4 inch line. Currently coiled precisely one row above another in a 5 gal Home Depot pail. The pail is approximately 13 tall, 11 diameter at top tapering to 10 in at the bottom. I have about 2 - 3 inches to spare at the top. This rode is for my sailboat going to a Fortess anchor. I rarely use it, not easy to repack in pail. Would like to use it, now sailing in sandy bottom area. Primary anchoring system is all chain with a snubber. Thanks Larry

      Hi Larry, Based on the description of the of your bucket (11x13), the Original should be just fine since its rough size is 13x18. I say "rough size" because that is the size of the pieces before we sew them together, so it shrinks up a bit with the hems. Thanks for your interest in Anchor Caddie and let us know if you have any more questions! Regards, Paul Anderson

    • Can I replace my existing standard cleat with your new style cleat if available? Also I had a very dangerous episode occur on the Columbia river current trying to retrieve anchor after chasing fish. Somehow the rope bag worked it’s way down the rope pulley at the surface connected to anchor ball until all slack was gone and bag was tight against the ball pulley. This left no available slack line against strong current making retrieval nearly impossible. What did I do wrong?

      Hi David,

      To answer your first question, the new custom cleat attaches in a completely different method, so it is not "take off old, add new". If you want to give me a call, we can discuss other options for this.

      The second question is a bit more difficult since I can't see what happend, but if I had to take a shot in the dark, I'm thinking that it may have been a failure in the puller and somehow slid back to the rope bag. The anchor puller is designed to slide towards the anchor and the current keeps it from sliding towards the boat, which means that in order for it to slide back to your bag/boat, it has to "not" be locked.

      I can see this happening in zero current, as the current pushes the buoy ball with the puller and keeps it locked, but in zero current it doesn't have anything to keep it in the locked position. Again, I'm just guessing, but if you want to send me a picture of your setup, I might have a better idea on how to help.

      Paul Anderson

    • Hi, I have 50ft 5/16in Chain & 150ft 9/16in Rope, which bag should I get? Thanks.

      Hi Kirk,

      Sorry about the late resonse! Not sure how this got missed?

      It sounds like our Original would work for you if your rope is somewhat supple.

      Paul Anderson

    • Hi. Good looking bag. I'm concerned about how the original size bag stands up and stays open with no vertical reinforcement. Comments?

      Hi Russ,

      The bag is not designed to stand up on it's own, but does a pretty good job at doing so by folding over the top rim, as we did in the old days with paper grocery bags. That is the method I have used for years and it works. I just don't want to say that it is designed to do so.

    • How many feet of 1/2" rope will this hold?

      Hi Jason,

      Our Original bag can hold 500' of 1/2" rope but that is based on solid braid nylon or similar. There may be some ropes out there in 1/2" that are very rigid and it may be tough to stuff it into our Original, so if that is the case, you may want to go with our PRO model which will handle it no problem.

      Home this helps.

      Paul Anderson