Anchor Rope/Rode Bag PRO


Anchor Rope/Rode Bag PRO Anchor Rope/Rode Bag PRO Floating Anchor Rope Bag

Anchor Rope/Rode Bag PRO

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Introducing the Anchor Caddie "Anchor Rope Bag"!

 The first video shows our test results of the anchor rope bag and the video below that, gives instructions for setup and use of your anchor rope bag.

Made of Phifertex ® Vinyl coated polyester mesh, the standard for UV, mildew protection & durability in outdoor materials.

  • 5 year No Nonsense guarantee. If it fails, we fix it or replace it, period!
  • Made in the USA, by people that actually use the product
  • (New) Custom cleat with buoy attachment point to accommodate up to 5/8" rope
  • Industrial strength bonded polyester stitching
  • Brass grommet on bottom to tie rope to bag. Grommet will accommodate up to 5/8" rope
  • Bag closes by two crossing straps for conveniently closing the bag to keep the rope from paying out when you don't want it to


  • Holds approximately 700' of 3/8" or 500' of 1/2" rope.
  • Approximate size: 15" diameter by 20" high

    Comes in 2 high visibility colors, Hi Vis Yellow & Orange. Vital when throwing your bag into the water. Lets you see it easily and everyone else knows it's there so they don't run it over.

    *****Please note, the rope bag will not float. You must attach the appropriate size flotation device for your chosen bag and rope*****

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    • What size bag would best handle 300' of 9/16 line?

      Hi Richard,

      You would want the PRO bag for that amount and size of rope.

      Paul Anderson

    • How many feet of 5/8" rope will the original and Pro hold?

      Hi Dan,

      I'm guestimating the Original will hold approximately 200 - 250 feet of 5/8" rope and the PRO, 300 - 350, maybe 400.

      Depending on the stiffness and type of your rope, it may hold more or hold less, since not all rope is created equal.

      I know that this is not a for sure answer but, what I know for sure, we will work with you until you have the right solution!

      Thanks for the question!

      Paul Anderson

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