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Trolling Motor Bracket Adapter Kit, Minn Kota & Motorguide X Series



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Mount your Anchor Caddie on your Minn Kota or Motorguide X Series quick release bracket to quickly and easily switch between anchor fishing and trolling!

This bracket assembly is designed to mount on the most Minn Kota  quick release brackets

See our compatibility list here to see what motor fits on which bracket, Compatibility Chart

It is best to check the Minn Kota website to verify current compatibility of your motor to the quick release bracket, Quick Release Brackets. You can also view their compatibility chart.

For Motorguide, it will fit on all quick release brackets designed for the X Series motors.

See mounting instructions and pattern here, to see if it will fit on your bracket if you have a different model.

See the installation video at the bottom of this page.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need, at least the Minn Kota or Motorguide top plate to mount this adapter kit on. It is not included in this adapter kit.

The included angle plate and its hole pattern is designed to accommodate ALL the Anchor Caddies, whether you have the Anchor Caddie PRO or the Cadet.

This bracket adapter is designed to mount on an additional Minn Kota or Motorguide quick release bracket top plate, sold separate and not included in this kit.

It doesn't matter which side of the bow your Minn Kota or Motorguide bracket is mounted on, port, starboard or straight down the center. The adjustments in this bracket adapter kit will make it work for your application, as the bracket and angle plate are designed symmetrical.

The most common trolling motor installation is at a 45 degree angle, but the included bracket allows for a 10 degree total swing adjustment, making sure that you have the flexibility to make the necessary adjustments if needed. The bracket also has slots for fore and aft adjustments, helping to have the proper setback or overhang on your bow.

Installation Video

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  • I have minn kota Ulterra 112 and your anchor system. I want to switch them back and forth. What do I need to do this?

    Hi Robert,

    To accomplish this, you will need 2 quick release brackets from Minn Kota and our Trolling Motor Bracket Adapter Kit.

    Each Minn Kota quick release bracket comes with a top plate and bottom plate.

    (#1 Minn Kota quick release bracket) The bottom plate gets mounted to your boat and the top plate gets mounted to your motor.

    (#2 Minn Kota quick release bracket) The bottom plate gets stored in your garage and the top plate gets mounted to your Anchor Caddie Trolling Motor Adapter Kit, then your Anchor Caddie gets mounted to the top of the Trolling Motor Adapter Kit.

    Now you can switch between the two.

    The only thing that you will want to do is, mount your Minn Kota quick release bracket as close to the bow as possible.

    Let me know if you have any more questions.

    Paul Anderson

  • Your trolling motor bracket kit works with the Motorguide quick release bracket?? https://www.trollingmotors.net/collections/quick-release-bracket/products/motorguide-xi5-saltwater-mounting-plate

    Yes Ryan, it will work!

  • Does this fit a minn kota ulterra? Do you ship to Europe, The Nederlands? Thanks, Peter Berkhout

    Hi Peter, We don't currently have the Netherlands open to ship to, but we could open up a specific area. If you could contact us direct via email, we can look at that address to see if we can ship to. And yes to your question, it is compatibile with the Ulterra. Just a reminder, you would need an additional Minn Kota quick release bracket to mount your chosen Anchor Caddie to. Again, you can contact us directly via email (Paul@Anchor-Caddie.com) to go over any details. Regards, Paul Anderson

  • will this work with the MinnKota MKA-21 Composite Quick Release Bracket?

    Hi Dustin,

    Yes it will work perfectly with the Minn Koat MKA-21 Quick Release Bracket.


  • Does this include the anchor caddie also or just the bracket?

    Hi Bryant,

    This is just the bracket, but is designed to fit all our our Anchor Caddies, so you can pick with Anchor Caddie best suits your needs.

    Hope this helps!

    Paul Anderson

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