Cleat Bracket (Clear Grain)


Cleat Bracket (Clear Grain) Cleat attached to your Anchor Caddie

Cleat Bracket (Clear Grain)

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It slots inside your Anchor-Caddie or Cadet and gives you instant cleat access, both standard and clam cleat. It's slotted on top so you can adjust either cleat to suit your needs.

You can use the front cleat while deploying the anchor to maintain tension, then drop the anchor line into the clam cleat to hold anchor. Or just use the clam cleat while on anchor for a quick release to chase fish or get out of the way of trouble quickly. Just drop the Cleat Bracket into your Anchor-Caddie or Cadet while deploying the anchor and cleat it up. You can also leave the anchor line in the Cleat Bracket while pulling anchor.

And if that wasn't enough, you can also use the pin that came with your Anchor-Caddie to lock the Cleat Bracket down.

If you have the older yellow roller version of the Anchor-Caddie, the pin hole is not in the Anchor-Caddie.


1/8" thick clear grain finish, stainless steel frame construction for a lifetime of use.

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  • Will this work in other brand of anchor nests or only Anchor Caddie?

    Hi Jim,

    No, the Cleat Bracket is designed to fit in our Original and Cadet models only, but thanks for your interest in Anchor Caddie and let us konw if you have any more questions!

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